3dsimo transparent
Paint models and artworks in 3D

The world's most versatile pen

3D Simo is an invention of the Czech developer David Paskevic. He developed the world's first 3D pen with which you can paint in the room. The 3D Simo Pen is a cross between pen and 3D printer and allowed the user to create any 3D model imaginable and turn plastics such as ABS or PLA into works of art. In addition, thanks to various tool heads with the pen, you can also cut, burn in and solder. Check out the different sets and products of 3D Simo in our shop and learn more about the innovative pen, how it works and what it is capable of.

Imagine it! And then build it!

Architectural kits from Ireland

Arckit is the brand under which Irishman Damien Murtagh sells his architectural model kits. Murtagh is an architect himself and knew the value of a physical model for developing ideas or presenting designs. Arckit is a free-form model system, so the components can be combined with each other as desired and fulfill different purposes depending on the design. As a result, the construction possibilities are endless. The simple "Click&Connect" system without glue or tools also makes Arckit a great kit for children. In our shop, there is a selection of kits for young and old, beginners, advanced and professionals, where you will surely find the right set.

artistic - challenging - exciting

Focus on design

Areaware is a brand of home and gift accessories from Brooklyn, New York. By working with independent designers, areaware's range of high-quality and visually appealing toys is enormous. Whether it's the cleverly designed wooden toy or puzzles with artistically sophisticated motifs, areaware is always looking for new and modern designs to beautify the children's room, playroom or living room. Discover the elegant and appealing products of areaware and marvel at the variety!

Comfort, design and ergonomics

Toy classic with a modern twist

Belsi Home is a team of young creative minds who love design, comfort, and ergonomics. The brand from Russia offers original, stylish and functional versions of home items that are usually considered as boring. The elegant pieces of furniture not only look good but also save time and space in everyday life.

Belsi Home is represented in the toy market with the zoo collection, which is a variation of the classic rocking horse. This classic toy has enjoyed great popularity among young and old for decades. Belsi Homes' modern approach is to offer not only the horse but also other animals – native or exotic – for rocking. Experience in our shop the variation of rocking animals made of environmentally friendly material.

Top quality from the Netherlands

Plush toys with a long tradition

International Bon Ton Toys is a Dutch manufacturer and distributor of soft toys. The company has been active internationally since 1933 and sells high-quality plush toys from all over the world. All products have in common compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. Therefore, all materials are of course completely harmless and safe. The Picca Loulou series, available in our shop, revolves around a number of animals invited to a party by the moon. Since they have made an effort to dress up for this occasion, each animal features an exclusive clothing accessory. Find out which animals are invited and how they have dressed up.

brick logo
Electrical engineering for everyone!

Electronic components with simple plug-in system

The Brick'R'knowledge brand was founded in 2014 by German amateur radio operator Rolf Dieter Klein. He and his team of 7 want to make it possible for everyone to playfully engage with electrical engineering and to get to know the most important functions, components, and sizes in an entertaining way. Thus, the Bricks were developed. They are pluggable electronic components with which you can easily create complex, functioning circuits. Bricks are easy to use and yet extremely reliable. In this way, they allow beginners an easy introduction to the basics of electrical engineering. Even for advanced users, the Bricks are very well suited to illustrate complex relationships quickly, practically and with little effort. Take a look at the different Brick'r'knowledge kits and immerse yourself in the world of electrical engineering. It's never been so easy!

Riding with imagination

Safe wooden toys from the USA

Candylab's claim is to revive the glamorous, modernist period of the American 1960s in entertaining wooden toys. The developers of the toys are not only artists and designers but primarily parents. Therefore, they know exactly what kind of toys are not only fun and exciting but also durable, environmentally friendly and safe. With our selection of Candylab vehicles, you can see for yourself the quality and functionality of this American wooden toy.

Paper circuit with conductive ink

Construct your own electronic circuit

Circuit Scribe is a conductive ink pen that emerged from a crowd-funding campaign in 2013. A team of researchers from the USA has developed the conductive, water-based and non-toxic ink and produced numerous modules to make the paper circuit as authentic as possible. The range of possibilities is enormous, from the small, flashing circuit without switches to the functional drone, with Circuit Scribe every fan of electronics will find just the right set.

Historic racing cars - Experience the winners of the historic Grand Prix

Luxurious model cars with numerous details

CMC is a German company based in Stuttgart that sells high-quality, detailed model vehicles. The models are reproduced according to the real models using historical blueprints with high-quality materials faithfully down to the smallest detail. All models are manufactured in the CMC-owned factory in China. Each individual component is neatly assembled by hand. Instruments of the dashboard are used individually, seats are covered with fabric or leather, the carpet is laid on the floor of the car and trunk. In the finish, the model is polished by hand, so that the radiance is in no way inferior to the original. Discover the amazing quality, amazing detail and undeniable beauty of the CMC models.

dolce logo neu
play - learn - cuddle

Educational soft toys with entertaining accessories

Dolce is a French manufacturer of stuffed animals for newborns and toddlers. The dolce products are both entertaining and instructive because dolce is dedicated to the production of STEM toys, which promote the development in scientific and mathematical fields from birth. Each cuddly toy has a range of accessories that appeal to different areas of development of infants and toddlers. Mirrors, rattles and squeaky pieces paired with colorful colors and soft textures provide long-term entertainment. Discover our selection of dolce cute stuffed animals and learn more about the different features that are conducive to your child's development.

100 % natural, 100 % Portuguese

Elou is a Portuguese supplier of cork toys for infants, toddlers and schoolchildren. The harvesting and processing of cork is traditionally deeply rooted in Portuguese culture. This allows elou to produce toys that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and completely free of harmful substances. With building blocks, pull-along toys, vehicles and much more, elou focuses on making the classics among toys modern and environmentally friendly. Let your child feel the fascination of the cork and benefit from its unique properties.

Puzzle from American family business

Unique 3D puzzle

Under the Eni Puzzles brand, New York painter and sculptor Tom Sebazco began developing toys that promote children's intelligence and skill in 2009. He developed the first puzzle with his father-in-law and brother-in-law. It was made of wood and was intended to teach his nephew mathematical basics. After five years of development, the product was ready for series production. The Eni Puzzle promotes creativity, hand-eye coordination and teaches, just like the first prototype, mathematical basics in a playful way.

natural - creative - inspiring

Made in Germany

Fagus is a supplier of wooden toys produced in Borken in Münsterland. The production facility is characterized by the fact that it offers people with disabilities a meaningful activity in the production of toys and makes them a valuable part of the whole. Fagus aims to provide children with an alternative to electronic and digital toys. That's why Fagus products are high-quality, stable and durable wooden toys that can survive for generations. The focus is on commercial vehicles and accessories, which, through their sophisticated design, promote elementary cognitive and motor skills. Let your child also benefit from the developmental advantages that wooden toys offer and discover the many different Fagus products in our shop.

fatbraintoys-logo (2)
From the basement, for the world

A family business for learning toys

Fat Brain Toys is an American manufacturer and distributor of educational toys. The company was founded in 2002 by a couple in the basement of their own home with the aim of providing children with safe toys of high quality, which at the same time stimulate the brain. Fat Brain Toys now offers a large number of products worldwide, each of which promotes a different aspect of child development. They specialize in building toys, brain teasers, and group games. Fat Brain Toys has been awarded numerous awards and you have the opportunity to convince yourself of the quality and variance of the products in our shop.

learn - discover - experience

With a passion for technology

Franzis is a German publishing house that can look back on a 100-year tradition. Having delivered newspapers and magazines in the past, Franzis now focuses on learning packages, kits, and experimental boxes. All learning sets provide basic and special knowledge of mechanics, electronics, construction, and technology. Detailed replicas of engines or soldering irons for children make learning an interactive, rewarding and above all entertaining activity. Discover our selection of Franzis sets that are popular with children of all ages.

logo geobender
Magnetic 3D Geometry Puzzle

Cubic Brainteaser

GeoBender is the company of German Andreas Högschmid, who has been living in Los Angeles, USA, for ten years. He developed the GeoCube, a magnetic 3D geometry puzzle. The shapes, colors, and geometry of the cube-shaped puzzle make it appealing to young and old. In children, GeoCube trains the skills for color and pattern recognition and can be an easy entry into the world of geometric shapes. The GeoCube is also challenging for adults, as it encourages the player to discover more than 70 different forms, called "transformations". Explore the various visually appealing variants of the GeoCube and learn more about its functionality and beauty.

High quality, fair prices

Wooden toys from northern Germany

Gollnest & Kiesel, short "goki", started 30 years ago as a 2-man company and developed into the largest toy manufacturer in Northern Germany. Today, goki offers a wide range of wooden toys made from high-quality, natural materials, without unnecessary chemicals or additives. The development team tinkers with new products every day that promote the motor skills, creativity and sensitivity of children. A functional design and attractive appearance must of course not be missing. From small wooden racing cars to complete toy kitchens, children of all ages will find the right goki product in our shop.

For toddlers and children of all ages

Guidecraft STEM Toy Systems

In 1966, Fred Fein founded the Guidecraft brand in a small wood shop in the state of New York. Fein committed himself to the production of cleverly designed and beautifully crafted wooden toys for children. Mr. Fein aptly named his first toy Wedgie (from wedge = wedge) because of its wide base and narrow tip. They were adapted to the use of building blocks called "unit blocks" to promote the social and emotional development of children.

Today, Guidecraft is one of the leading providers of children's toys in the field of early childhood development and STEM. Guidecraft also offers a wide range of furniture, coarse motor skills and social-emotional products, both in the US and internationally. Guidecraft is proud to continue Mr. Fein's tradition and continue to create smart, advanced toys.

Het Muizenhuis-logo (2)

Adventures in the mice world

"Het Muizenhuis", dutch for "House of mice", is a series of books by Dutch author Karina Schaapman. In numerous detailed hidden objects games, the reader accompanies the mice Sam & Julia and their families on many different adventures. You immerse yourself fully in the world of mice because each image is detailed and realistic so that there is something new to discover every time you read it. The books have been a huge success in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. Sam & Julia and their house soon enjoyed such popularity that they are now available not only as a book but also as dolls, puzzles, and craft boxes for replicating.

magnetic - timeless - creative

Tradition meets modernity

Huzi is a manufacturer of versatile design objects, gift items, and furniture that are playful and timeless. Huzi toys were designed by an international team of designers and manufactured with traditional know-how and modern techniques. The patented magnetic construction system makes it possible to create more than just replicas and to imagine your own creations. This creates an unlimited number of unimagined construction possibilities. Discover the Cosmos and Dream Car series and see for yourself the quality, beauty, and elegance of Huzi toys.

inside logo
The cube to puzzle over and despair

3D ball labyrinth with a dark core

Inside³ is the work of the French inventor Romain-Guirec Piotte. Originally Romain wanted to make horror movies – and this dark intention lives on in Inside³. Inspired by his favorite movies and books (Alien, Cube, Dungeons & Dragons, Raiders of the Lost Ark), he constructed a series of puzzle cubes that thematically deal with the concepts of being lost, solitude and finding back to light.

All Inside³ puzzles are developed and manufactured in France in compliance with the highest standards. Their simple and unique goal is to deliver exciting, engaging and terrifying puzzles – each with the best possible quality.

Thinking, Building, Turning

Innovative construction toys from the neighbouring country

Korbo is a construction game of the Polish brand of the same name, which was launched in 2016. Korbo follows a simple idea: thinking, building, turning. Instead of wooden blocks or the like, this game is mainly constructed with gears, with the aim, of course, that afterwards each cog reaches into the other and everything turns. Korbo blocks are not only popular in Poland, but are now also available in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Dubai. The parts are manufactured in Poland in compliance with the highest quality standards and are available in different sets.

kipod-logo (2)
environmentally friendly - safe- creative

Quality for the playroom

Kipod is a manufacturer of wooden toys from Israel. The goal of Kipod is to produce creative wooden toys that meet the needs of children. All toys are made of high-quality wood and are characterized by the unique design that helps children develop their motor and cognitive abilities and allows them to live out their imagination. Discover the Kipod toys and find out which unique designs can benefit your child's development.

Design - Build - Code

Learning with robots

Makeblock is a leading global provider of STEM toys that simultaneously appeal to schools, educational institutions, and families. Makeblock has been selling extensive hardware and software since 2013 with the aim of establishing a deep integration between technology and education. The numerous products are sold in more than 140 countries, already used by 8 million users and have even found their way into French textbooks. In our shop, there is a selection of self-build robots for beginners and advanced users, with which you can prepare perfectly for the challenges of the future. From simple circuits to programmable artificial intelligence, Makeblock offers the perfect conditions for learning and playing.

matatalab logo
creative - modern - off-line

Programming for preschoolers

Matatalab is a young Chinese start-up founded in 2017. A team of four robotic technicians dreamed of combining their passion with the education of their children. Therefore, the developers teamed up with leading experts in pedagogy to develop the best learning robot for preschoolers, the Matatabot, which combines many pedagogically valuable qualities. It is made of state-of-the-art technology but does not require a display, screen or even speech. The intuitive control is based on images and is easy for children from 4 years of age to understand. It is a learning robot for touching and experiencing, which requires no Internet connection, no apps, and no third-party devices. Discover the Matatabot in our shop and let your child benefit from the developmental benefits it offers.

innovative - progressive - educational

Beauty you see and feel

Micomic is a German manufacturer of kits with innovative design, appealing appearance and positive development influence. The product range covers the theme worlds of driving, flying and working. The assembly of cars, boats, airplanes etc. is easy and yet exciting thanks to a clever system with tabs and buttons. The clearly defined shapes and the progressive color choice make micomic toys absolutely unique and have a high recognition value. Explore the micomic products in our shop and learn how the special kits can promote your child's motor skills and imagination.

The cute little bunny girl

Miffy, also known as Nintje or Ninchen, is the little bunny girl from the books of the same name by the Dutch author and artist Dick Bruna. Even though she is now over 60 years old, Miffy always remains as cute and adorable as ever.

Playful learning

The fast-paced number game

If all the games seem boring and dull, why not just invent your own game? Mark and Vanessa Ellingson have also asked themselves this question and developed a game that is based on the classic "Scrabble" but is nevertheless quite different. Discover Möbi, the fastest and most exciting number game you've ever played. But beware: danger of addiction!

osmo logo
Osmo - Play off the screen

The tablet as an educational tool

Osmo is a toy brand based in California, USA, that specializes in the use of the iPad as a learning toy. Instead of playing with the tablet, you play with palpable, grippy stones, parts or pens in front of the screen. The actions and images on the tablet guide, decorate or provide interaction between the player and the digital character. Osmo offers many different apps that address different educational aspects. Whether maths, spelling, electronics, programming, logical thinking, music or art, there is almost nothing that cannot be enriched pedagogically by the Osmo system. Discover Osmo's game apps and sets and let your child benefit from the learning techniques of the future.

Classic puzzle in modern garb

Blocks that come to life

The Korean company Pacoware presents a creative puzzle game with the AniBlocks. With colorful blocks and game boards, the blocks are laid in such a way that shapes are created. These can then be brought to life the screen with an augmented reality app. With their innovative approach to the puzzle, AniBlocks promote hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, creativity, concentration, and other cognitive abilities. In children under 3 years of age, puzzling also promotes fine motor skills, concentration, color recognition, and pattern recognition. Discover the many imaginative designs of Pacoware's AniBlocks and let your child benefit from the developmental benefits they offer.

Primo logo
Passion for technology, design and education

Programming language you can touch

Primo Toys is a manufacturer of educational toys from London. Founded in 2013, the brand became known through Cubetto, which was launched in 2016. The two founders, Filippo Yacob and Matteo Loglio, shared a passion for technology and design. Since they have children themselves, they wanted to develop toys that would bring children closer to these two fields. The Cubetto is an award-winning, friendly wood robot controlled with a screen-less programming language you can touch. Colored blocks are used to create programs on a blackboard that tell the Cubetto what to do. This way, even young children from the age of 3 can learn the first basics of programming in a playful way. The available world maps and storybooks make each learning unit a real adventure for your child.

robo wunderkind transparent
Creative robotic learning toy

When building blocks come to life

Robo Wunderkind is a start-up company from Austria's capital Vienna. In 2013, the team of young developers developed a modular learning robot that can be programmed via tablet or smart-phone, enabling children to learn the basics of programming. Even though the technology is modern and complex, all Robo Wunderkind products are as simple and entertaining as playing with building blocks. This successful combination of game and technology is already in use in more than 50 schools and offers a number of developmental advantages in the field of science and technology. Discover the various Robo Wunderkind sets and prepare your child for the future in a fun way!

soft - safe - fun

The juice of the rubber tree

Rubbabu aims to make entertaining toys for infants and toddlers that are both safe, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. All products are made in a small Indian factory by hand from natural rubber, without waste, energy efficient and sustainable. The rubber is harvested using a special method that neither harms trees or nature and is then foamed without additives. As a result, the toys are safe, stable, durable and absolutely non-toxic. Discover the developmental benefits of natural rubber for child with our selection of Rubbabu balls, vehicles and games.

speks transparent
Decorative fidget toys from the USA

Magnetic fun for young and old

Under the Speks brand, a team of designers from Brooklyn, New York, has created a fidget toy that offers relaxation and fun to both children and adults. Therefore, it is excellent as a gift for friends and colleagues. The elegant magnets are both long-term entertaining and visually extremely appealing and are a suitable decoration not only for the playroom but also for the desk or the office.

High-tech from Croatia

Innovative robot kit

A team of seven young Croatian tech friends founded the Stemi brand in 2015. With innovative high-tech kits, developers want to turn people from technology consumers to technology developers. The first kit, the Hexapod, a six-legged robot for self-building and programming, teaches children to think creatively at a young age, to work together and to proceed systematically.

Building without borders

The perfect building block

Tegu has given the well-known wooden building block a new kick: magnets. The magnetic components are designed in the USA and produced in Honduras under fair, environmentally friendly conditions. The wood comes from sustainable, local sources and makes the building blocks stable, durable and biodegradable. The magnets add an enormous play value to the usual building block and provide stability during construction. Due to special design, the magnets are installed inside the building block and are therefore invisible, unreachable and absolutely safe. The special thing about tegu products is that all blocks of the different sets can be combined with each other. Discover here the numerous construction possibilities with which your child can let his imagination run wild.

build - create - share

Where the toolbox becomes a playground

The OFFBITS is an Israeli company that has been developing, manufacturing and distributing metal assemblies since 2011. Colorful robots with an inspiring back-story as well as specially designed vehicles and animals are part of the product range. With its kits, Offbits transforms the well-known small parts that surround us every day, such as screws, nuts, etc., into modern toys. Not only can all Offbits kits be used in combination, but they can also be easily expanded with material from any toolbox. Discover the various offbits characters, experience the limitless building possibilities, and share your creations in the Offbits online community.

tinkerbots transparent
Award-winning design, state-of-the-art technology, infinite creativity

Robot kit for children

TinkerBots is a German supplier of self-build robots. The robots are assembled from building blocks. The red cube, the powerbrain, provides the power supply and handles the execution of the commands using coupled modules. The robot can learn motion sequences by setting them individually or controlling the robot via an app. It is the perfect toy for curious children interested in robots, electronics or programming. The kits for beginners or advanced users are suitable from the age of 6 so that children are introduced to the latest technologies at an early age. Discover the TinkerBots and help your child gain benefits in STEM subjects and the technologies of the future.

simple rules - competitive game-play

The German football classic

TIPP-KICK has been the best-known brand for football matches on the table for almost 100 years. Initially, it was played with two tin figures and a cork ball, but now TIPP-KICK is known for its excellent quality in material and workmanship. All figures are still made by hand and are therefore unique. The rules are simple, you just press the button on the head and the kicker shoots the ball. However, the possibilities that result from this are so competitive that there is now even a TIPP-KICK Bundesliga with professional players. Whether you're looking for a professional career or just want to have fun, TIPP-KICK is the right game for every football fan.

Symmetrical parts - infinite fun

Assembly Kits from the Netherlands

Twickto is a Dutch manufacturer that has been offering kits for all types of vehicles since 2018. On the one hand, the kits impress with their symmetrical components, which make it possible to build from any side at any time. On the other hand, the "Twist&Click" construction system that gave the company its name makes building fun and easy. The parts are easily and safely connected by turning and snapping either by hand or by the supplied tool. These two properties together allow hours of construction and play, because countless creations are possible, either by template or according to your own imagination. Discover the creative world of Twickto kits!

Handmade magic

Build up, pull up, let it drive

Ugears was founded in Ukraine in 2014 and is committed to the production of mechanical kits made of wood. The kits are developed and designed by engineers and impress with their sophisticated functionality. All parts are simply plugged together without glue. Whether motor, gearbox or gears, everything is visible and can be observed exactly in its functioning. This is particularly beneficial for the development of school children, who can experience simple concepts of physics up close. So if you know a small (or even big) tinkerer and hobbyist, a Ugears kit is certainly an ideal, unique and beautiful gift.

From 3x3x3 to 9x9x9

Rubik's Cubes from Corinth

V-Cube is a Greek brand of modern Rubik's Cubes that go beyond the usual 3x3x3 format. Since 2008, V-Cube has been producing and distributing these 3D puzzles worldwide, and since 2017, V-Sphere has also been the first spherical model. The company philosophy is customer-oriented. All EU quality and safety standards are meticulously adhered to and product development is always geared towards the highest possible customer satisfaction. V-Cube products have won several awards, including the "Creativity International Award 2011", in which they won gold. Scratch your head at V-Cube's award-winning cube puzzles!

creative - durable - safe

Building kits for the little ones

Volk's Baukasten (Volk's Assembly Kit) is a German manufacturer of construction kits from Thuringia with a focus on playful learning. Even preschoolers can have fun with tangible and sufficiently large components without any problems. The design allows building without the use of tools. Models can be built according to the instructions, but the real fun is to come up with your own new creations and construct them. This not only promotes the development of fine motor skills but also strengthens creativity and teaches the ability to solve problems. Discover the different Volk's building kits and let your child experience the numerous developmental benefits.

WP transparent

W&P - Design and more

W&P is an American company founded in 2012 by two enthusiastic designers. The product range mainly includes designer household goods. For some time now, however, the company has also been producing creative, exciting board games with interesting approaches that go beyond the classic craps game.

Best quality - Made in Germany

Steam engines - stationary and movable

Wilesco is a German company with over 100 years of tradition, which manufactures and sells models of steam engines and matching drive models. Founded in 1912 as the metal goods factory Wilhelm Schröder & Co, the production of steam engine models began in the 1950s under the contracted name Wilesco. In addition to numerous stationary models, there are also mobile models such as steam rollers or tractors, either as a kit, or already assembled. High-quality and artfully processed materials ensure stability and thus long-term fun through playing and learning. Discover the incredible variety of Wilesco models and see for yourself the unique quality and functionality.